Countdown to the first Canstruction event in Newfoundland!

2015 International –

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Most Cans

The team that uses the most cans!

Best Use of Labels

Most creative with the labels!

Honorable Mention

The runner up to jurors’ favorite!

Jurors’ Favorite

The team rated highest by the judges!

People’s Choice

The team with the most votes!

Structural Ingenuity

The most design ingenuity!

How to Join

Register your team using the form above.
Design your structure with your team and submit it following the rules listed below.
Come build with your team and indulge in free pizza and refreshments!


The Memorial University Gym (next to the works)


Maximum size of the official team that actually builds the structure is five (5) persons. Only 5 team members will be permitted to build, with their hands directly on the structure, at one time. Teams may swap out members and are allowed a maximum of 15 minutes for transition.  Regardless of how many team members are in the firm/school participate, five individuals must be selected as the official team members.  They will receive name tags with team ribbons the night of the gala and their names will appear on the signage accompanying the structure.
Each team is to provide a sketch or computer image and dimensions of their structure by March 30th. Firm names will be kept anonymous prior to the announcement of the winners.  Fax or e-mail to the attention of:  Do not send CAD files.
Maximum size for a structure is 10ft L x 10ft W x 10ft H.
Cans must be full, unopened, and with labels intact and legible.  Labels may not be covered, stripped off or altered in any way.
Props are strongly discouraged Jurors prefer pure food structures. Try to solve all design problems with food items.  All things equal, a structure with props will lose when judged against a structure with no props. (Example:  a structure that has eyes.  One entry uses black cans to make eyes; another entry cuts out black circles of paper and tapes on cans for eyes.  Once the jury sees that eyes can be made from cans or a food product, any entry using paper cutouts is in disfavor.)

  • Velcro, clear and double-faced tape may be used.
  • High-tension rubber bands, nylon string, wire, tie-backs are permissible.
  • No permanent adhesives.


Phone: (709) 770-4814


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